Video Production and Hosting

Here you’ll find a selection of videos I’ve produced, edited and hosted over the years! These were all done in Adobe Premiere Pro, with occasional graphics done in After Effects.

Big Red Lazor

TV Show for Sinclair Broadcast Group
Client – Zoomin.TV

MONSTER MEAT – Commercial

Monster Hunter World | Client: Koch Media Benelux/CAPCOM

Aftermovie Dutch Comic Con

DCC Aftermovie


Shot and edited an influencer-based social media campaign for Menublender. Worked with May Bui from

Gamescom 2017

Client – Zoomin.TV

God of War Review

Client: Playstation Benelux/Linden & Barbosa

Adding Fantasy To Reality – Interview

Final Fantasy XV | Client – Triple P Entertainment/ Big Ben Interactive, for Square Enix

Raising the bar for storytelling – Interview

Horizon Zero Dawn
Client – Playstation Benelux

Becoming Battleborn

Battleborn Interview
Client: 2K Games