Vicky Promo print
Promotional print part of the pre-order bonus

The first in a prequel series to introduce my original IP “STARBORN”. With each prequel, I want to introduce one of the main characters while also actively worldbuilding for the reader. It has been a project long in the making since 1995 and went through several reboots before I decided going completely original, with no pop-culture references whatsoever, was truly the way to go.

The book launched at Dutch Comic Con Winter 2018 and was preceded by a succesful pre-order campaign! Besides pre-order bonuses like additional prints and merchandise, a small #DrawThisInYourStyle as well as a history on the IP told over a series of Instagram posts was shared to add to the background story.

Instagram campaign
The top grid featured the origin of the character Vicky, as well as how I’ve created and rebooted the series several times.

It is also the first time collaborating with the incredibly talented Maggie Rose Allen, who colored the cover of the book! I’ve since had many talented artists have a go at the character, and commissioned her several times during conventions, which I’ll share in a blog post sometime!

I still have copies for sale of the book, if you’re interested, you can use the form below to contact me about it!