My first original manga project, exploring the “yonkoma” format, where stories are told four-panel comics. It features three of my original characters that I use as inspiration to explore art techniques!sanpipo cover art

From left to right, we have Lexie, my brand mascotte that I’ve created with my Twitch community during a stream.  Jennie is my original character for the CheeseCake! Café, a concept over at the CheeseCake!Studio doujinshi circle, whose universe is where this story takes place in. Last, but not least, an alternative version of the lead character in “Starborn – Vicky: Dirt and Neon”. 

The idea for this book was always to draw my three original characters together as best friends, and it evolved in me trying out the japanese 4-panel comic format, a “yonkoma”. To keep the theme based on Manga, the title “SANPIPO: Three Peas In A Pod” is a combination word of how you pronounce the words San, Peas and Pod, something manga series often do to shorten up long titles. (“San” is 3 in Japanese!).

Originally, I wanted to combine illustrations of their interactions together and connect them with faux social media conversations, but I just wanted to tell a more clear story and work out a plot.

“SANPIPO: Three Peas In a Pod, vol.1: GAME ON!” is available for sale now! Use the form below for more information on how to get a copy!