Hi! I’m TamTu, and I do things on the internet! While that mostly consist of engaging many people on social media, I’m also working on art and illustrations, and I used to do occasional video production for ZoominGames! I have a background in graphic design, voice over and video production.

My dream is to bring a world to life, be it via comics, games, animation or any other medium. I’m still learning new things everyday and love meeting other creative minds to dive deep into the craft of creation.

As a host, I’ve conducted interviews at E3 and Gamescom since 2014, and I hosted ZoominGames’ TV show Big Red Lazor, available on various OTT platforms in the world.

As an artist, I’m also part of the oldest running doujinshi circle in the Netherlands, CheeseCake! Studio. WIth them, we work on many art-related projects to keep that creative buzz going! Under my art label “By TAMTU“, I’m working on two personal comic/manga projects, which I’m promoting at conventions all over Europe.

If you’d like to work with me, please contact me via the following!

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